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Vintage Light Bulb Style Night Lamp

Vintage Light Bulb Style Night Lamp

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Boasting a fashionable, vintage appearance throughout, this retro yet modern night lamp utilizes high-brightness LED as its lighting source to provide a bright illumination with very little power consumption, yielding 12 hours of light after each full charge.

Powered by a long lasting lithium battery that is rechargeable via a USB cable; this elegant vintage style night lamp provides both portability and ease of use as it can be operated with only a single switch.

Available in 2 different base colors, this fashionable night lamp is perfect for creating a relaxing mood in the most retro style possible.



Modern and clean appearance


Retro lightbulb design


Shaded glass dome


Therapeutic soft light


Metal toggle switch 


Portable bedside lamp 


Great housewarming gift


+ Material:

Glass, ABS plastic, electronic components

+ Dimensions:

4.33 x 2.76 x 2.36 in (11 x 7 x 6 cm)

+ Light color:

Warm White

+ Base color:

Black / Gold

+ Voltage:

DC 5 V

+ Power source:

500 mAh Lithium battery (rechargeable)

Package Includes


Night lamp


USB charging cable

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