Our Selections

Coffee, Please

In this section of our shop, you can find all kinds of paraphernalia that will enhance your enjoyment of the liquid of happiness; or as most people simply refer to it as: “coffee”. We feature a hand picked selection of minimalist style coffee essentials like coffee cups, mugsdrippersreusable filters, as well as coffee scoops, pour over coffee kettles, and many other happiness enhancers that made adulting possible. 


Tea, Please

Some say that tea is an excellent substitute for coffee, that it’s also better for your health and easier on your stomach. So for those of you who love coffee but can’t quite drink it as often as you would like, tea is indeed a wonderful pick-me-up alternative!

This section of our shop offers an elegant selection of tea cups, pitchers, tea pots, as well as infuser bottles and portable tea brewing sets for those who like to have their favorite tea on the go. 


Simplicity, Please

In this section of our shop you can find a beautiful assortment of Nordic, Scandinavian, and minimalist styles modern home décors that will help you create a clutter-free living or working space that is aesthetically pleasing while promoting an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation, as well as an environment for better mental clarity.

We offer a wide range of unique and elegant functional décor from key holders, coat hangers, floating wall shelves, magazine stands, tissue boxes, trash cans and more.


Greenery, Please

Plants are great gifts from nature. They make you healthier when you eat them, soothe and relax you when you look at them, some even clean up the air you breathe as well! 

Having greenery sprinkled throughout your home or office space can effortlessly make it feel more lively and calming, as well as freshen up and improve the feng-shui of the place. And since they are designed by nature, greeneries are the perfect choice for a simple and elegant decor style, anywhere.

To help you incorporate more greeneries into your life, this section of our shop offers a unique selection of minimalist style succulent pots, plant stands, flower vases, as well as propagation stations and terrariums


Serenity, Please

Apart from feeling a sense of peace and calm, having a serene and relaxing atmosphere can help you decompress and de-stress from a hectic day. This section of our shop offers an elegant selection of ambience-creating functional decors such as candle / tealight holdersmood lights, and lamps that can help you kick back and unwind, as well as creating a more romantic atmosphere.