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Minimalist Outline Flower Vase

Minimalist Outline Flower Vase

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An unique and minimalistic way to display your favorite flowers or greeneries.

Boasting an abstract modern design that emulates the outlines of classic flower vases, these distinct-looking functional décor are made to pair with a glass cup or jar in the center of the frame, which serves to hold your greenery of choice; may it be fresh-cut flowers or artificial ones. 

Creating a peculiar vibe effortlessly and making a bold aesthetic statement anywhere they’re displayed in your home or office; from living room, dining room, kitchen, to bedrooms or bathrooms, and on the tables, desks, shelves, or windowsills.

Available in eight vase styles to choose from, these beautiful minimalistic flower vases make for wonderful gifts for your fellow plant-lovers and plant-enthusiasts alike!



Modern and clean appearance


Minimalistic look


Nordic / Scandinavian style


Low-poly wireframe outline design


Hydroponic tabletop plant vase


Great housewarming gift


Ideal for real and artificial plants




+ Material:


+ Dimensions:

[A] 4.72 x 9.06 in (12 x 23 cm)

[B] 4.72 x 5.91 in (12 x 15 cm)

[C] 9.06 x 9.84 in (23 x 25 cm)

[D] 5.91 x 7.87 in (15 x 20 cm)

[E] 4.72 x 5.91 in (12 x 15 cm)

[F] 3.94 x 9.45 in (10 x 24 cm)

[G] 6.29 x 7.09 in (16 x 18 cm)

[H] 4.33 x 4.53 in (11 x 11.5 cm)

Package Includes


Flower vase frame

Special Notes

  • Flower vase frames only, plants and glass cups are NOT included.

  • Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item might vary slightly than listed above.

  • Due to the difference between screen display settings, the actual color of the item(s) may be more or less vibrant in person.

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